How to export playlist content to a folder

This is pretty easy.

Create a folder called D:\exportedsongs\

Open your playlist in notepad. Press CTRL+H to search and replace.

In the search field, type: D:\mp3\ This is the common folder your media is in.
In the replace field, type:  xcopy “D:\mp3\

Then perform the search and replace action.

Now, press CTRL+H to do another search and replace. This time, however:

In the search field, type: .mp3
In the replace field, type: .mp3″ “D:\exportedsongs\”

And perform the search and replace action.

Now, save the file you’ve just edited as export.bat and double click that file. The bat file now copies your media to the D:\exportedsongs folder.

This is a nifty little trick that makes you create a playlist with your favourite songs and then copy the same songs to a folder, allowing you to take them with you on a portable media player or another computer.

What the .bat file now does is use xcopy on every single entry in the playlist.
Which will look like this: xcopy “D:\source folder\file1.mp3” “D:\destination folder\file1.mp3”