How to export playlist content to a folder

This is pretty easy.

Create a folder called D:\exportedsongs\

Open your playlist in notepad. Press CTRL+H to search and replace.

In the search field, type: D:\mp3\ This is the common folder your media is in.
In the replace field, type:  xcopy “D:\mp3\

Then perform the search and replace action.

Now, press CTRL+H to do another search and replace. This time, however:

In the search field, type: .mp3
In the replace field, type: .mp3″ “D:\exportedsongs\”

And perform the search and replace action.

Now, save the file you’ve just edited as export.bat and double click that file. The bat file now copies your media to the D:\exportedsongs folder.

This is a nifty little trick that makes you create a playlist with your favourite songs and then copy the same songs to a folder, allowing you to take them with you on a portable media player or another computer.

What the .bat file now does is use xcopy on every single entry in the playlist.
Which will look like this: xcopy “D:\source folder\file1.mp3” “D:\destination folder\file1.mp3”

New on the blog

Ok. So i’m blogging now. I’m using the wordpress blog and so far, I’m quite impressed. The design is beautiful and stylish. Actually, even the editor i so sleek that. I’m glad I didn’t decide to build a blog of my own. Why would I when this exists?

I’m looking forward to be doing posts on this site. You should be warned already, that this is just another personal blog, and I’m just another anomouys person writing, so the content may be of interrest of bore the cr*p of you. I’m just happy to write stuff.

The stuff will probably be replacing the silly headlines you can do on fb and twitter. To be honest, they’re so utterly unimportant, but this page allows me to go more indepth ie. to use as a developer (I’m a developer) and get perhaps one day even have a reply if I’ve done something well. Let’s see.

See you? 🙂